Your social life can get severely at stake if you cannot smile with comfort or eat food elegantly. Imagine yourself feeling shy to sit with your friends and savour a meal with crunchy food to munch on and chat just because you have missing teeth or can’t eat with ease.


If this is the case with you, immediately call up Dr. Sachin Mehta of Brite Smile Dental Clinic where he will restore your confidence and how you can once again enjoy your social life. Do not put this off for longer time. Spend your life crunching munching and enjoying with confidence and a beautiful smile.


Dentures for your Missing Teeth


Dentures are used for replacing your missing teeth that you have had lost due to decay, trauma, or periodontal disease. This treatment is in practice since years and on thinking about dentures, Dr. Sachin Mehta is the first dentist that comes to mind because he has successfully done several dentures for his patients who were very satisfied with his service.


Tooth loss has negative effects on your self-esteem and self confidence. You are unable to bite and chew properly. Tooth loss may lead to saggy cheeks and make you look older than your age as your teeth give structure and support to your cheeks. Therefore, it is important that you get your missing teeth replaced at the earliest.


Dentures are removable replacements for your missing teeth that are designed to appear and function as your natural teeth. Present day dentures look very natural, realistic, finely crafted, comfortable and are custom-fitted.


Types of Dentures


A Complete Denture is required when all your teeth are missing, whereas you will need a Partial Denture when only few teeth are to be replaced. Partial Dentures are designed to correct gaps in your smile. It will maintain tooth alignment and prevent your natural existing healthy teeth from shifting when you had a tooth loss.


Dentures are designed from acrylic resins. With advancement in modern cosmetic dentistry, there are different varieties of materials available for dentures. However, you will get appropriate information only by Dr. Sachin Mehta at Brite Smile Dental Clinic.


Maintaining your Dentures


You must keep your dentures clean at all the times. You must remove your dentures at night for rendering your gums “rest” and the needed exposure to natural saliva thus keeping them healthy. Dr. Mehta will recommend you to brush your dentures and then soak them in cold water when you are using them and brush them before putting them back in your mouth. Dr. Mehta will give you complete detailing on how to maintain your dentures. He will fix appointments at regular intervals so that your dentures have good life and are in good condition. He will also see to it that they continue to fit your gums even if the underlying bone and shape of your gum changes. He understands that inappropriate and loose fitting dentures causes frustration and inflammation of gums and will lead to problems in clear speech and eating.


Proper maintenance of your dentures will make them look natural forever and leave you with a beautiful smile. Moreover, dentures strengthen muscles that control your expressions which demands teeth support, rid you from mispronunciation caused by missing tooth and help you with appropriate chewing.


Life of a Denture


This depends on several factors such as the way you take care of them and use them. Over a period of time when your dentures become loose, a simple modification of your present dentures will solve the problem and at times you may require a new set of dentures.


Procedure for Dentures


On your initial appointment, he will understand your needs, thoroughly examine your mouth and suggest the suitability for dentures for you. At times, you may require tooth extraction however this varies from person to person.


He will then take an impression of your gums and use it as a model for fabricating your dentures for proper fitting. Cases that demand tooth extraction requires healing of gums and surrounding tissues before final dentures are prepared. In these cases, an immediate denture is placed for enabling the gums and surrounding tissues for proper healing.


Alternatives to Dentures


Dental implants may be used for supporting permanently cemented bridges thus eliminating the need for a denture. Though the cost is greater, but the implants/bridges more closely resemble and give the feeling of natural teeth. In fact, implants are becoming an alternative to dentures however not everyone is an ideal candidate for dental implants. Dr. Sachin Mehta will guide you appropriately. Be assured, you are in safe hands.